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REP021c - General Insurance Pricing Information.

At Glance Review of REP021c RMAR (RegData) return.


As noted in our article about the FCA’s pricing remedy, a number of new regulatory returns (RMARs) have been introduced by the FCA. Whilst the reporting will target firms distributing home or motor insurance (including data relating to add-on products, premium finance, etc). There are specific additional questions for insurers and price-setting intermediaries.

The reporting rules come into force on 1 January 2022 with the first reporting being due September 2022 - covering the first half of 2022. Thereafter firms will be subject to ongoing reports for calendar years by 31 March each year.

REP021 can be found in the FCA Handbook under SUP 16 Annex 49A R. The FCA provided associated notes to help firms complete the returns, which can be found under SUP 16 Annex 49B G.


Who should complete the return?

All FCA authorised firms conducting insurance distribution activity will likely see the new return in their RMAR schedules. For those firms who are not price-setting intermediaries, this should be a simple ‘nill return’. As a result, all firms must complete the return.

Generally speaking, an intermediary who can influence the gross price of a product. For example, an intermediary who can set the level of commission they charge (including the associated premium finance) would be a price-setting intermediary.

What products are captured?

REP021c is exclusively concerned with Motor and Home products, sold to retail markets (eg Personal Lines). The required pricing information relates only to the following products sold by the brokers:

  • Motor - cars

  • Motor - motorcycles including tricycles

  • Motor - other

  • Home - buildings and contents

  • Home - buildings only

  • Home - contents only

As most firms will see, the reporting requires firms to provide details on the product line, concerning clients with 10+ years of tenure. This can, at times, be an onerous process and thus sufficient time should be given.

The REP021c form requires firms to provide detailed information on their general insurance pricing. The premium information required is split by Motor and Home core products and includes, via distribution channel:

  • Total Gross Written Premium

  • Total Net-Rated Premium

  • Average Gross Premium

  • Average Net-Rated Premium

  • Total Number of Policies Incepted/Renewed

  • Total Number of Policies in Force at End of Reporting Period

Why is REP021c Important?

The REP021c form is an important regulatory requirement that helps to ensure that insurance firms are treating consumers fairly. By providing detailed information on general insurance pricing, the form increases transparency in the industry and allows consumers to make informed decisions about their insurance products.

The information provided through the form can also help the FCA to identify potential issues in the market, such as unfair pricing practices or anti-competitive behaviour. This can help to protect consumers and ensure that the insurance industry operates in a fair and transparent manner.

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