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FCA Record Keeping.

Evidencing effective compliance arrangements.


FCA regulated firms must ensure that their compliance arrangements are both robust and effective. The only way that senior management can implement compliance is by documenting the firm’s policies and procedures. These documents set out the corporate culture of the firm, the compliance objectives and how senior management has decided to implement them.

The Firm’s policies and procedures not only govern the day to day activities they are also a reference point, providing guidance to all of the Firm’s staff on compliance requirements. These policies and procedures are also the documented evidence of the way in which a firm has organised its activities and demonstrate to the regulator the Firm’s approach to compliance. 


The overall framework generates a set of 'operational records' which in turns feeds into the senior managers' management information deck (MI). 


At RRCA, we always work with our clients and ensure that the compliance framework (policies, procedures and registers) are reflective of the individual firm's culture, the firm's values and agile operational arrangements. Our expert consultants always work with the internal teams to ensure that the suite of policies and procedures meet both your practical needs and FCA expectations. 

Beyond retaining an up-to-date compliance framework, RRCA experts can help you with staff training, evidencing the complete awareness of the framework amongst staff members, which is invaluable both for FCA compliance and HR purposes.

As an FCA authorised firm, we can support you with bespoke policies and registers covering all areas, including:

  • Compliance Procedure Manuals

  • Operating Procedure Manuals

  • Governance and Compliance Framework

  • Code of Conduct 

  • Risk Management Framework 

  • Training and Competence Framework

  • Conflict of Interest Framework

  • Complaints, Claims and Onboarding Frameworks

  • AML/CTF Frameworks

Let's get started!

If you have any questions about your arrangements or you are a startup looking for guidance, contact our expert team.


At RRCA we provide a comprehensive and tailored service, meeting individual needs and FCA obligations. Whether you are a start-up or an established firm, our expert consultants are here to provide guidance and support.

You can find ample information on our website or if you prefer, simply contact us for an obligation free and confidential discussion about your needs.

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