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Experience.  Knowledge.  Innovation.


RR Compliance Associates (RRCA) was founded to bring a dynamic and collaborative approach to regulatory compliance consultancy in the UK and Europe.


As a specialist provider of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) advisory services, RRCA helps to mitigate the regulatory, operational and reputational risks inherent in the business functions. 


Whilst doing so, our team of experts strive to help firms harness the power of automation of their already existing internal IT systems, creating forward-looking and cost-effective governance and compliance regimes.

We work with businesses of all sizes. From start-ups and SME’s to blue-chip businesses with decades of experience, we can help you to secure your long-term prosperity by creating compliant operational agility. Our clients include leading credit brokers, national and international insurance intermediaries, insurers and appointed representatives across the financial services sector.

Our team combines UK and EU regulatory consultants most of whom are former employees of regulatory authorities, together with experienced industry practitioners and individuals previously approved as Senior Managers (formerly Controlled Function- CF). This enables our team to "think outside the box" and deliver innovative and trusted solutions, making RRCA stand out from the crowd.

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Our Mission

Enabling firms to focus on increasing profitability, reducing complexity and managing regulatory risk. 

Our Misson


Our strength is in our approach.


We don’t believe that generic actions meet the demands each business faces. Instead, we get to know you, your business, objectives and commercial necessities before we devise a bespoke plan of action.

Whether you require guidance on any matters related to FCA regulation or need to accurately assess the risk associated with a new business venture, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver practical and efficient solutions.

As members of the APCC (Association of Professional Compliance Consultants), RRCA is actively contributing to the work of the key regulatory bodies (such as the FCA and ICO); meaning we are at the forefront of regulatory developments and market changes. This helps us to advise our clients about emerging regulatory changes and other market risks, making our guidance and advice indispensable. 

What we do
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"Achieving success is half of the story, sustaining it is the other..."




At RRCA, we work collaboratively.  


We combine progressive thinking with a pragmatic approach. Our broad range of experience working across various markets (including engagement with regulators), means that we have the expertise to identify innovative solutions and implement straightforward actions that deliver tangible results.

Embracing diversity, experience and skillsets, each of our teams deliver unparalleled levels of competence and innovation. This means that our clients can be assured that they have access to professionals who are enthusiastic and proficient in every element of their role.


Our consultants are always working as part of the team, allowing us to transfer our skill sets and help with utilising the power of automation of already existing internal IT solutions. The real return of this approach for our clients includes the reduced long-term dependency on external consulting, peace of mind and enhanced cost-efficiency.


Professional Memberships.

The Association of Professional Compliance Consultants (APCC) is the only FCA recognised association for consultancies that advise firms regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA).

Through our membership, you benefit from enhanced professional standards and services. This includes a range of resources such as: regulatory insight, training and the opportunity to directly engage with the regulators (and therefore influence future regulation); all to strengthen your success.


Strategic Partnership.

Boston Tullis Group

Boston Tullis Group is a network of industry professionals helping insurance firms to enhance and establish profitable business development processes. Their experts are able to help with marketing, financial planning, panel development or even capacity sourcing.

How we work

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