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Lead.  Grow.  Innovate.

Connect with us to experience the endless opportunities to grow, innovate, and make an impact that come with being part of a dynamic team that just like you, believes in diversity, equality, and inclusivity. As a niche and growing team, you will be able to learn and support firms not only in the UK but across the EEA.


RR Compliance Associates (RRCA) was founded to bring a dynamic and collaborative approach to regulatory compliance consultancy in the UK and Europe.


At RRCA, we believe in the power of diversity. That is why our dynamic team of professionals is made up of people with different educational backgrounds. No matter what you’re studying, you can find your fit with us, so keep reading to learn why RRCA could be the place for you or get in touch with us!

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Our Mission

Enabling firms to focus on increasing profitability, reducing complexity and managing regulatory risk. 


We are looking to grow our team with people who have a degree in different study areas or desire to become compliance consultants; whether it is payment services, crypto, insurance, investments or indeed, cross-industry expertise.

At RRCA, we also go beyond mere consulting. As a niche company, we support our clients with platform developments, or where required, deploy our own RegTech solutions. This is why we keen to hear from all developers who have a range of experience and passion towards IT solutions.

By starting your career with us, you are guaranteed to enrich your knowledge, explore new horizons, and find meaningful work that fulfils your passion for making positive change happen.

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"Achieving success is half of the story, sustaining it is the other..."




Life at RRCA is about so much more than work. You’ll be part of a strong team where everyone is encouraged to be their true selves. You’ll be coached and attend trainings, like everyone else in the firm, ensuring that you are constantly learning and growing in your career.


We’ll offer you flexibility, make your wellbeing our priority, and be your biggest supporter. You’ll laugh, learn, and make life-long friendships. 


The opportunities are endless and the rewards are great, so take a chance with us and join our team. You won’t regret it!

Let's get started!

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