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Training Solutions.

Take advantage of our practical e-courses and consultant lead trainings


Ensuring management and staff are competent to fulfil their roles is a regulatory obligation of all FCA regulated firms. This means, all members of the firms must maintain a minimum level of competence, including financial, non-financial and conduct related matters.


To help firms achieve and maintain compliance, RRCA's expert consultants offer both e-learning modules and consultant led trainings. Both include practical consideration of the rules along with case studies and self-assessments.


Firms that require a higher-level, more in-depth training experience can book classroom training and workshops. These can cover changes in regulation, training support for a particular project or a horizon scanning of the regulated industry.

Looking for something specific?

Looking for consultant led training?

EfficiencyPracticality. Clarity.

Our E-training platform is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring a practical, interactive and effective e-learning experience to all users, tailored to specific needs.

As a user, simply choose the courses needed or complete a pre-defined course-plan when they become due. Choose to upload your own courses or request us to draft tailored training. Once you have built your library, you can simply automate your annual training plan, ensuring your compliance with FCA training rules.

With detailed audit trails, advanced reporting and affordable monthly user licenses, is here to meet your SMCR requirements.

RRCA Workshops.

At RRCA we understand that one size does not fit all. This is why our expert consultants also offer consultant led workshops, ensuring that you and your team can challenge ideas and embed the requirements as part of an interactive session.

Our workshops are mostly required where firms change operational arrangements, where there is a fundamental change to the FCA rules, for firms becoming newly authorised or if the firm prefers this format. Naturally, the workshops can be delivered remotely or in person at your offices.

Typical topics our experts holds workshops around include:

  • Vulnerable Customers

  • Conduct and Culture: the regulated non-financial conduct

  • Conduct Rules for Senior Managers and Staff

  • PROD: developing new products and confirming product value

  • Operating Binding Authorities

  • Overseeing Appointed Representatives: from on-boarding to termination

  • Agency Agreements and Conflict of Interests

If you are interested in our workshops, please do get in touch with our friendly consultants.

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