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An average compliance officer can spend up-to 4 hours a week on updating policies, procedures and registers, not including the drafting of new ones!


Let us help you with reliable, flexible and cost-effective resources, saving your considerable time and money.

Our team of consultants have developed a tested and extensive suite of resources, including FCA compliant policies, trainings and registers. Our resources go beyond mere templates and e-training. As we understand that the same approach will not suit everyone, all our resources include consultation time by default.

Whether you are looking for a tested policy template, a flexible register or practical e-learning, you can rest assured that our expert consultants are here to help you to implement them, maximising its value to you and your firm!

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It is an FCA requirement that every firm is aware of the risks it is exposed to.  As a result, every aspect of a firm’s business demands risk analysis, ranging from internal failure of personnel and systems to counter-party failure to systemic market failures. With the recent FCA rule changes, these assessments should always include the firm’s financial and operational resilience.

Under the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR), a designated senior manager has the responsibility for the identification and management of risk.

Whilst not every risk can be avoided, all business decisions need to be supported by a risk analysis. This makes the risk management framework a vital building block of conduct and culture of any regulated firm.

  • Our Templates have been drafted by our industry experts to provide a template resource fully compliant with FCA regulatory expectations (including Financial and Operational Resilience Assessment).

  • RRCA's Risk Management Trainings are tailored to ensure that your framework passes the "use test" (eg the policy is used by individuals during the normal course of business). The sessions offer practical training and are delivered by industry experienced consultants, providing you with an understanding of the rules as well as practical expectations of the FCA.

  • Our Risk Management Review Bundle delivers that absolute certainty. This service includes the review of your risk management framework and if required, we will provide help to address weaknesses.

Where responsibility is personal...

We are here to support your compliance with SM&CR, creating positive culture!



The Senior Managers and Certification Regime was created to ensure accountability at all levels within a regulated firm, along with promoting positive culture for the benefit of customers (and the industry alike). Crucially, SM&CR embeds personal responsibility into the functions held by Board Members (Senior Management Functions).

Whether you are an insurer, lender, broker or car-dealer, SM&CR applies to you! Our expert consultants are here to support your compliance via:

  • Conduct Rule Training, including Tier 1 and Tier 2, covers all employees. Our FCA compliant trainings, ensure that participants have a full understanding of the practical implications. The tutor-led sessions include practical examples and Q&A.

  • Statement of Responsibility (SoR) Template will help you to ensure that all senior managers are fully compliant with SM&CR and have clearly documented their responsibilities.

  • SM&CR Bundle provides you with absolute certainty through our detailed review and post-review support services.